Moving Forward

Paying the Bills.

Prior to Covid, I was an aide/sub teacher at the local high school.  Our local school took me on when I was able to find the energy and time to work while Sophie was in the last years of her life.  I got divorced. I needed an income.  These wonderful people took me in.  I have a lot of experience in teaching and helping special needs students as I ran the educational program for Sophie for many years.  While this is not my passion, this skill has helped me pay my bills while I work on my passion.  These people have helped me through some of the toughest years of my life and provided for my family. 

Once again, I find myself as an aide/sub.  As I take classes in grief education, bereavement, and working on myself to help others, this gives me the grace to learn and prepare. These educators have given me a work family and income to continue to Walk On.  I am forever in their debt.

It’s been a tough few years, especially in the education and medical fields.  Hug a teacher when you can safely. Elbow or fist bump a nurse or doctor. Most importantly thank them for their persistence, strength and love of their career choices. A little grace to everyone you meet.

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