Why “Walk On”

Why “Walk On”

The term, “walk on” holds so many meanings for me. After the death of my Mom and Dad, and then Sophie, my daughter, the quote, “We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home” by Ram Das spoke to me. It made me realize that life creates these moments where we walk beside each other, and then we will walk on alone. I believe we are not really alone.  

Years ago I got involved with therapeutic horseback riding with my son, one of the terms that was used after mounting and being sure he was settled and safe was “walk on.”  This term was used for letting the rider and the sidewalkers know that they were all in sync, ready, and moving forward.

Sophie, my daughter with significant disabilities, used a talker, and eventually she was able to tell Bill and his horse to “walk on!”  Such beautiful memories I have of that time.  Myself and my 2 kids involved in horseback riding, something that I’ve enjoyed most of my life. Bill went on to graduate from therapeutic riding to taking regular lessons.  He and I enjoyed this sport for a short time until his teenage years and he became less entranced.  I have never lost my love of horses and riding.

Sophie had a short time doing hippotherapy (basically physical/occupational/speech therapy on a horse) until her body wouldn’t let us. Later came back surgery for me, and the death of Sophie.  I now go to friends’ stables to bathe in all things horsey, sort of like forest bathing. The sights, sounds, and even smells take me to calmer times and set my Zen system. I’ll get back in the saddle, but for now I walk on.

If you’ve read my other blog, www.oneinamillionkid.wordpress.com, you have come to know me as Sophie’s Mom. Sophie is my daughter who passed away May 23, 2019.  She was 25 and had a rare disorder and many medical needs.  Our physical journey together ended that day, but I am now walking on in her memory and recreating me. My wish is to help other caregivers in this life because the wisdom needs to be shared. I’m taking a journey. Thanks for walking along.