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Footprints by Ursula Gibbons


Jody Prunty is an advocate, a writer, a caregiver, and Mom to an angel daughter and a son trying to find his way in the world.  Aren’t we all trying to find our way?

My blog will be about many things, but mostly about caregiving and finding my way in grief and life after the loss of my daughter.

Thank you for stopping in to read my blog. It means the world to me that someone might be touched by something I say, how I see my world.  Thanks for walking with me.

To learn my daughter’s story you can visit my other blog,


It is a story that someday will be a book. At least that is one of my goals. To tell Sophie’s story and hopefully help someone else along this crazy path.

There are so many writers out there, so many stories that need to be told.  I am one of them. I hope you stop in often.

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Sophie and Jody

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