Caregiver Toolkit/Tips

In this section you’ll find words of wisdom from myself and other caregivers.  I’m hoping to give you tools to make you and your loved one’s life easier and to find links to others who walk in similar shoes.

I was a caregiver to my medically fragile daughter, Sophie, for 25 years. There were so many times I wished for wisdom when all that was there for me was the feeling of traveling alone.  Her rare disorder created some of this aloneness, but prior to the internet it was a lonely journey.

Let’s change that landscape together. If you are a caregiver seeking some wisdom, I hope you find it here. I welcome feedback and your own links to share.  My biggest goal is to find quick, easy tools for caregivers to take care of themselves. This is not intended for medical advice, to bitch about your horrible life, or that you found religion.  Fill your cup. Thanks for stopping by.

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