To Life…And Death

Ah Life.

Just when you feel like the heavy has moved to a lighter page, something hits you.  It could be a reminder of your loved one who is now gone, or it could be the tsunami of the death of a friend. Recently I celebrated the life of a special needs Mom who was so much more than that.  She brought my YaYas together- a small group of Moms who have kids with special needs. This connection has been my lifeline for almost 30 years. It was Sam who brought us into a small room while our kids were getting therapy so that we could share stories, bond, and give advice to each other. We held each other when things got bad, we screamed into the phone when we were on the way yet again to the hospital.

So much so, that we took very short trips for years to get a break (that was a feat in itself,) and to this day we try to get together once a month.

We YaYas have so much to be grateful for with the knowledge that Sam shared with us.  We pass it down as best we can to other caregivers. She will be missed on so many levels.

So we toasted our wine (her favorite beverage) and ate amazing recipes she collected on her social media. All in honor of her.  Salute!

My YaYas