Grief Teachers

I have been fortunate to connect with some amazing grief teachers.  They have given me insight into what would help me, what would help others. I am sharing links to these wisdom-sharers. 

But the best teachers are those I have lost. My grandparents, my parents, relatives, close friends and most especially my daughter, Sophie. Some had long lives, full lives, some had shortened lives.  I was lucky enough to know these souls. The compounding of these losses are a part of my soul. Some deaths were surprises or traumatic. Some were expected, but hard to accept. Each one leaves me with a lesson and a grief journey that is unique as the person that lived. I believe that the keeping of their memory alive is part of the job of this living.

I was introduced to Kelly Grosklags soon after Sophie died. My dear friend, Liz, sent me her book, A Comforted Heart, a book originally written to those dealing with cancer diagnosis, living and dying. But it is so much more. It’s a small book that you can read in bites. Something that is easier for caregivers and those who are dealing with diagnosis, end of life and beyond when there is so little time to read and process.

This led to a connection with Kelly and her FB page and podcast, Conversations with Kelly. Her writing is full of compassion and a wealth of information. She maintains a website,  I was then introduced through her to Bryan Piatt, a former news anchor who along with Kelly talks about mental health and healing. He is the Co-Founder of the Refresh Network, Yoga teacher and Breathwork Facilitator who just began his own podcast, Take What Serves, Leave the Rest.  During covid times they held FB lives for their grief/mental health communities which was of huge comfort to me, and continues to give me snippets of wisdom in this grief journey.  I took their Returning to Ourselves Sessions, a global group on Zoom during the covid pause. Wonderful lessons on love, grief, bereavement, mental health and finding others who are walking this new path. They are my mentors.    

From there I became interested in bereavement and grief, not only for myself, but for helping others.  Since I was a full-time caregiver for 25 years, my focus is on caregivers, but just like Kelly’s book, it will hopefully connect with anyone who is moving in grief and beyond.

In another segment, I will talk about my training with David Kessler. In the meantime, I wish you soft landings while you follow me. This is not an easy life, but it is rich with wisdom and grace if you let it.